BMW Amorn Prestige

BMW Amorn Prestige is a company in the Amorn group of companies In the past, since 1966, under the name of Amornwarantee, the used car business has continued to grow. In the name of Benz Amorn Ratchada.

With a long reputation and experience, BMW Thailand Confident in becoming a business partner with Amorn Group in 2012, has been an official BMW dealer in Thailand ever since.

Amorn Warranty

Amorn Warranty is a company that has grown from the success of the automotive business. known to everyone as “Benz Amorn Ratchada” or “Benz Amorn”, which is an extension of the European used car business of good quality. with almost 60 years of experience

Today, Benz Amorn Ratchada Co., Ltd. has expanded the business of selling second-hand Mercedes cars. and second-hand BMW under the new name ?Amorn warranty? to reinforce its expertise in European cars. in terms of car quality and after-sales management with a comprehensive standard repair center.

Vespa Amorn

Vespa Amorn has a variety of Vespa models to choose from. Vespa accessories, genuine parts. and a comprehensive service center

Khun Noppadon, one of the board members Amorn Group’s people were born in Yaowarat area. Has been impressed with Vespa since childhood that it is a car that is unique, outstanding, can be used hard, is durable. therefore apply to be a dealer And Vespa Amorn is the number 1 dealer in Thailand.

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